The Dark Crystal


skekNa the Slave-Master

Nor did the feasts prepared by skekAyuk the Gourmand and his teams of harassed slaves to satisfy any appetite for long. Hot spices, sweet liqueurs, cream-rich sauces, were his delight; and he boasted he had a different menu for every feast. But between meals the Skeksis went to skekNa the Slave-Master for scraps to appease the raging hunger they always felt. skekNa was purely and openly evil from the beginning; but without him the work of the castle would have never been done.

Text from:
Brian Froud, The World of the Dark Crystal [ISBN: 1 86205 624 2]
Henson Organization Publishing / Harry N. Abrams, New York 2003
Originally published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York 1982
The urRu march toward the Castle of the Crystal ... to their destiny
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