The Dark Crystal


The Gelfling

The Gelfling were earth and spirit, masters of song and shaping. They carved wood and stone to set free the shapes that lay hidden in them; they molded metal to exult in its new form.

Before the Darkness, when I placed my hand on the carved rocks, the rocks sang to me and I shared their song with the Gelfling. I watched the Gelfling as they travelled through their lives; I made dwellings in the rocks for their empty bodies, and the rocks will care for them as long as the World remains. But the Skeksis stole the Gelfling with force and fear.

When the Skeksis began to take Gelfling as well as Pod People as slaves, the Gelfling were dismayed. For once they took thought for the future. They sought to know if the Crystal might be healed, if the Skeksis rule must continue. They lit the fires of prophecy, they took counsel from the flames.

Text from:
Brian Froud, The World of the Dark Crystal [ISBN: 1 86205 624 2]
Henson Organization Publishing / Harry N. Abrams, New York 2003
Originally published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York 1982
The urRu march toward the Castle of the Crystal ... to their destiny
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